Tantus Hurra Cane BAG


The Tantus Hurra Cane is a whole different type of impact toy the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. 3/8 diameter and 15 inches of length the Hurra Cane is flexible and yet very strong and being Tantus Silicone there isn t a breaking point unlike with Rattan. Because it s Tantus Silicone it transmits energy very effectively and takes very little in terms of strike force. You may also use the Hurra Cane in a whip like fashion. The handle (1.5 by 6 inches) is very effective for blunt impact play and as a potential heavily textured dildo for internal use. And because the Hurra Cane is made from Tantus Silicone you can thoroughly cleanse the toy. With a little care Hurra Cane will last a lifetime.

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