Rock Solid Silaflex G.I.T.D Mega Rin G


CLASSIC DONUT SHAPE WITH ADDITIONAL KNOB THAT APPLIES PRESSURE BEHIND THE SCROTUM FOR AN ULTIMATE CLIMAX * SUPER COMFORTABLE * AVAILABLE IN BLACK OR TRANSLUCENT DIMENSIONS: INNER DIAMETER: 0.875″HEIGHT: 2″LENGTH: 2″WIDTH: 0.5″THE LATEST GLOW-IN-THE-DARK TECHNOLOGY IMMERSE UNDER BRIGHT LIGHT OR IN SUNLIGHT BEFORE USE TO IGNITE THE GLOW EFFECT Only use with water-based lubricant. Clean with anti-bacterial soap and water. Sila-Flex is a premium phthalate-free hybrid silicone with an ultra smooth and soft finish. durable unscented and extra stretch while retaining the original shape.

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