Ple’sur Suede&FauxFur MiniFlogger PnkBlk


This mini flogger may look innocent with its hand-crafted supple leather and fluffy faux fur tails but don’t let looks fool you! It’s soft thuddy stingy & sensual all at the same time – and is perfect for those considering impact play. The faux fur tails provide a softer alternative to a standard full leather dungeon flogger. It’s wonderful for flogging those “sensitive” places and its smaller size is an advantage when using within close quarters.The tightly wound handle ensures a comfortable grip and has a permanently bonded hanging wrist loop within it. This hand-made and sturdy flogger will give you years of use and pleasure.Product Details:Hand-crafted18″ Mini flogger24 Genuine suede leather falls12 Fluffy faux-fur fallsWoven handleBraided wrist strap for durabilitySafety and Usage:Use your whip often to keep it in shape. Store in a dry dirt free environment. Use leather conditioners sparingly or not at all.

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