PDX Elite Moto Blower Mast Clear/Black


The Moto Blower doesn t just stroke you like ordinary masturbators it combines incredible suction and vibration with a super-smooth automatic stroking motion! The internal thrusting mechanism is completely hidden inside and features a metal gripping ring around the sleeve that strokes and squeezes your shaft. The ring is lined with a row of pleasure beads that roll up and down your rod while the super-soft TPR sleeve wraps around every inch. The rechargeable motor offers professional-grade performance with 2 levels of intense stroking speeds 3 powerful suction modes and 5 thrilling vibration patterns that will drive you wild! Slide into the tight TPR sleeve and surround your shaft with rows and rows of soft pleasure nubs then personalize your pleasure with the press of a button. Your ultimate blowjob experience is ready when you are! KEY PRODUCT FEATURES:High-powered Piston-Action Thrusting: The ultra-strong motor (activated with the T button) powers the row of beads (with 2 speeds) that massage you penis with each internal thrust.Powerful Vibrations: 5 patterns of intensely satisfying vibrations (activated with the V button) heighten your experience.Removable Soft & Stretchy Sleeve: The super-stretchy and soft sleeve is lined with rows and rows of stimulating pleasure nubs. Pleasantly warms to your body temperature and is removable for solo fun and easy cleaning.Intense Suction: 3 modes of stimulating suction (activated with the S button) snugly tugs your most sensitive area. Press the release button (R) to experience extra pulsing excitement.Erectile Dysfunction Aid: Regular masturbation strengthens pelvic floor muscles helping to prevent erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. Edging the practice of purposely delaying orgasm can build sexual stamina and can help with ED by encouraging healthy blood flow to the penis.ADDITIONAL PRODUCT FEATURES 90 Day Limited Warranty

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