Oxballs Ultracore Ballstret Axis Ring Re


The CORE ballstretcher with power-grip AXIS ring for the most stretch by OXBALLS ULTRACORE system is for the really big ballers that dig the most bag gripping stretch! You get the amazing CORE ballstretcher it s got outer ribs for super long stretch it stays taller on your sack with more padded grip in the middle for a fatty bag-squeeze. You also get the rib-gripping rubbery AXIS power ring. It’s got channel ribs inside that morph with the outside ribs on the CORE stretcher. CORE ballstretcher is an amazing ballstretcher on its own. On your nuts the inner smooth tunnel wraps your sack with a medium firm squeeze but add AXIS power ring on top of the cogged CORE and get the most MAX BAG SQUEEZING. We sweat the BIG stuff when we design for your ball needs we put extra thought into new ways to stretch you harder we do so much ballsack research seriously we look at your balls a lot) we see you stretchers stacking our rings for insane sack squeezing ULTRACORE has the features to max out your stretch right. HOW TO WEAR: a little lube or spit gym sweaty showering is good stretch CORE and drop your bag through and adjust where you want it the inner hourglass shape will hold where you put it. If you want the max squeeze effect slide the stretchy AXIS ring on CORE s middle rib grips Made of our extra-soft Plus+SILICONE blend it ll keep the grip firm enough with a smooth velvety rubbery comfortable stretch and the right grip for more play. Oxballs makes the best ballstretchers for all types of nutbags and all sizes and cravings we use our gear we play with our gear we test our gear to make sure you get the best designs with the coolest features and new ways to play hard. INFO: CORE ballstretcher has more squeeze insideCORE has ridges outside for AXIS inner ridges to gripAXIS power ring is designed to add double the squeeze to COREExtra-soft Plus+SILICONE is smooth on the nutsCORE BALLSTRECHER: Length: 2″/5 cm Width: 2″/5 cm Depth: 1.75″/5 cm Outer circumference: 7″/18 cm Inside diameter: 1-1.2″/3-4 cm Outside diameter: 2″/5 cm Product Weight: 2 oz AXIS POWER-LOCK RING: Length: 2″/5 cm Width: 2″/5 cm Depth: .75″/2 cm Outer circumference: 6.5″/17 cm Inside diameter: 1″/3 cm Product Weight: 1 oz

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