Ouch Luxury Adjustable Hogtie Set Bur


winter2019-67Luxury Hogtie – Burgundy. Getting on all fours will have an exciting new meaning in your sex life! The OUCH! hogtie fulfills all your kinky dreams and more! In any BDSM collection a hogtie plays an important role and with this high-quality equipment you can have a go at it yourself. With their fashionable diamond pattern these neoprene and faux-leather cuffs and cross really stand out from the crowd! The hogtie consists of 2 ankle cuffs 2 handcuffs and a cross with four O-rings. The ankle cuffs are 39 cm (15.4 ) long and 5.5 cm (2.2 ) wide with 7 holes for size adjustment. The handcuffs are 36 cm (14.2 ) long and 5 cm (1.97 ) with 6 holes for size adjustment. The hogtie cross has 4 lengths of 27.2 cm (10.7 ) each.

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