Neva Nude Bloody Hell Red Lg Temp Tattoo


Perfect for the sexy stabees bloody biatches gruesome twosomes and cut as f*ck peeps these Bloody Hell Tatz are the ideal accessory for your hauntingly sexy Halloween look! Were you the kid on the playground with candy ciggies and that James Dean daydream look in your eyes? Wanna temporarily terrorize Daddykins by desecrating the temple that is your rocking hot bod? Wanna look #hardcore or artistic AF? Wanna break the boundaries of stigmatized fashion and show that your current mood is BAD baby real bad? If you answered yes to any of the above then a) boom! Neva Nude status achieved and b) Temporary Tatz are totally what you’ve been searching for all of your life! Each packet contains 1 to 20 life-altering looks (seriously big thangs are coming your way). Just use our easy peasy application process and get ready to ROCK your SWEET SWEET INK! Why Are Temporary Tatz So Awesome? Hypoallergenic ink!Lasts longer than David Wooderson on his tenth prom night… DANG!Illest designs on the planet!Combine designs various body parts and dare to (almost) bare!Self-adhering with an easy peasy application (get that H2O and let’s GOOOOO!)Easy to remove without GROSS residue. Phew!Spice up your look; get rough and tough BB!Female owned and operated BOOOYAH!Size: Dagger 1: Height 6.25 Width: 2Dagger 2: Height 6 Width: 2Dagger 3: Height 6.375 Width 2″Dagger 4: Height 6.625 Width: 3

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