Love to Love BingBang AnalBeads Pur S


Have you ever heard of the BING BANG theory? It says that the secret of true pleasure is hidden in a chain of anal stimulation designed to set off a firework of sensations. Achieving the ultimate orgasm couldn’t be easier. Grab the heart-shaped handle of your Bing Bang and move back and forth for breathtaking excitement. The 7 beads of graduated sizes will ensure softness and explosiveness thanks to an ergonomic design. A new world of anal sensations awaits you! Our Bing Bang anal plug is available in 3 sizes S M and L to suit all your needs whether you are new to anal stimulation or are a seasoned practitioner. 100% siliconeSoft and flexibleInsertable length S: 15 cm // 5.9″Insertable diameter S: 1.4 cm min / 2.2 cm max // 0.55″ X 0.86″WaterproofAvailable in 3 sizes: S / M / L

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