Hunkyjunk Fractal Tact Ballstrtch Cl Ice


BALLSTRETCHER made from h nkyjunk s rubberiest stuff with inner extra ball squeeze FRACTAL ballstretcher is made of our smoothest rubbery-soft stretch Plus+SILICONE mix designed for longer ball-stretch play. This design is the perfect size with the right fit feel and soft grip that stretches to fit bigger ballsacks and beginner high-and-tight ballbags. Designed by the boys at h nkyjunk this ballstretcher is simple in design but exactly right… h nkyjunk knows balls; they obsess over making stretchers that are just the right size and stretch and feel for the best ball play. FRACTAL bulges more inside; the thicker material makes the middle fit tighter for more squeeze where it needs to be while the top and bottom stretch a bit more. This puts the grip where it should be rubberier on the inside so it stays where you put it with no slipping or pinching. Plus it has a velvety finish so it feels really fleshy and smooth on your skin. HOW TO: a bit of spit or lube is good. With post-gym nuts hanging low or in a shower or tub so your sack hangs lower stretch ring while standing and tuck balls through. Made of exclusive Plus+SILICONE blend with a lush dull velvet feel and a warm fleshy stretch. H nkyjunk makes the toys that work hard look hot and are super h nky for your junk. INFO:Right size ballstretcher for long-wearing comfortInner swell design puts more squeeze in the middleBest size for most sacksRubbery rims are thick and rounded won’t digPlus+SILICONE matte velvet finish silicone/TPR blendMEASUREMENTS/WEIGHTS: Length: 1.5″/4 cm Width: 1.5″/4 cm Depth: 1.75″/4 cm Outer circumference: 6″/15 cm Inside diameter: 1-1.4″/3-4 cm Product weight: 1 oz.

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