Unpredictable Card Game

$11.00 (USD) per unit

Unpredictable Card Game

Because spontaneous sex is always…Unpredictable.

Nobody knows how to make sex more fun than the big-brained geniuses at Sex is Fun. They spend their days doing their educating and listening to y’all bitchin’ about your sex lives, or lack thereof. Then they put all this fornication information into a giant machine we like to call the "Sex-is-Fun-ulator." The result is this fully illustrated card game that will make your naughty time more spontaneous and exciting.

Do you ever feel like you are doing the same old routine in the bedroom. Unpredictable will get you out of that rut. Take ten minutes to sit down with your partner(s), deal each person five cards and let the fun begin. By game’s end you will have determined foreplay, core-play, intercourse, and after-play. With over 50 cards to choose from and thousands of possibilities, sex has never looked so varied and spontaneous!

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