Adventures of Dick/Virginia Card Game

$8.80 (USD) per unit

The Adventures of Dick & Virginia Card Game

Learn about your friends. Learn about your partner. Learn about yourself.
Through the follies of Dick and Virginia, you and your friends will be challenged to discuss sexual scruples in a safe and comfortable manner. Discover which one of your friends are prudes and who’s sexually liberal. Get ready for surprises and as every question makes it easier and easier for everyone to relax and feel confident about discussing and sex and disclosing sexual ideas.

The most fun you’ll ever have with your clothes on!
Do you enjoy deep conversations? Do you think you give really good advice? Do you fancy yourself as the person that your friends call first when they’re in a jam? If so, you are going to love playing The Adventures of Dick and Virginia. Challenge your friends to a contest of scruples, persuasion, and friendly debate over the most common sex and relationship issues.

It’s the Game of Giving Unsurpassed Advice
Dick and Virginia are a couple that suffer from a plague of sex and relationship problems. As their closest and most trusted friend, they have come to you for advice. Will your great advice help this couple keep it together through thick and thin or will an opponent swoop in with their two-cents and become the couple’s closest confidant? It takes critical thinking and an open mind to help this troubled couple. Find out how well your advice is received and how other players handle sex and relationship quandaries when you play The Adventures of Dick and Virginia.

Game Contents
Over 50 thought-provoking challenge cards.

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